Get a Bigger Dick

pass the toilet paper roll test

Ok, so the most commonly asked question after people take the “Toilet Paper Roll Test” seems to be “how can I get a bigger dick?“. Even people who pass the test want a bigger dick, nobody is ever satisfied.

Not only that, but these guys want a bigger dick right now, they have no patience for anything. It’s like they want a massive penis immediately so they can go about impaling people with it.

Fastest Way to Get a Bigger Dick

The fastest way to get a bigger dick is to buy some specially formulated penis oil that you pour all over your tool. It makes blood rush to your dick and gives the biggest throbbing boner you have ever had in your life! But sadly these results are only temporary, so the oil is great for that one night but is by no means a permanent solution.

Get a Bigger Dick Permanently

Some guys are looking for permanent solution to having a small dick. This road takes much more dedication and an investment in time. There are various methods people use to make their dick bigger permanently, although some might not be that safe and people have done some serious damage to their dicks. First, you should read through this guide on how to grow your penis safely.