Toilet Paper Roll Test

pic showing how to take the toilet paper roll test

Welcome! It is likely that you have arrived at this website because you are curious about the “Toilet Paper Roll Test”. While technically not administered by any educational body, the Toilet Paper Roll Test is one of the most important tests a man can take in his life.

You can consider the a website a study guide and walkthrough for all those preparing to take the Toilet Paper Roll Test (also referred to as the “Toilet Paper Tube Test). We also hope to answer every conceivable question one could have in regards to the Test. Many frequenly asked questions include:

What is the Toilet Paper Roll Test?

After lifting the veil of mystery we find that the fabled Toilet Paper Roll Test is simply a test that men take using an empty cardboard toilet paper roll in order to measure the girth or “thickness” of their penis. The idea is that a penis that is considered thicker than average will not be able to fit in the roll.

How to take the Toilet Paper Roll Test?

Taking the the test is also quite simple. You just take the cardboard toilet paper roll and insert your penis inside. We have added a detailed diagram showing the exact manner the penis should be insterted into the roll.

Did I pass the Toilet Paper Roll Test?

Well, this issue is a matter of debate. After reading the first few paragraphs of this website most men simply rush off and grab the nearest roll of toilet paper and insert their penis inside the roll proudly proclaiming they have passed one of the hardest tests life has to offer. But in reality, being able to insert you penis into the toiler paper roll means that your penis could not be considered “thick”, which would mean you failed the test.

Will my life ever be the same after taking the test?

The answer is no. This test is a defining moment in every man’s life and every man falls into one of two categories; those who pass the toilet paper roll test, and those who do not.